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When I meet a woman  I want to hook up with, I ask for their Snapchat ID instead of her telephone number because I want every interaction to be a reminder of why she should be hooking up with me with each post I upload online. For example, I love to travel and go to pretty fun parties, so I would post them on Snapchat, and women would message me with intrigue which gives me the arsenal I need to schedule dates and bang.

It may take a while to getting used to, but if you download the app, and get used to the interface, you will find yourself with a nice pool of leads that you either connected with in the past and didn’t bang or with the new women you meet.

The key is to try to be as interesting as possible. Snapchat is great because the people that follow you will get an insight of the world you project and you have the ability to bring them in or not depending on your interactions with them.

My personal recommendation is to post interesting videos and content 1-3 times a week. If I’m not sharing videos of a cool party or vacation, I’m sharing something like a good meal, or some of my favorite parts of my apartment so they can visualize themselves here with me doing what they do best.  But again, this will only work if you post good content and engage with the women that you follow.

The beauty in Snapchat is if for any reason you stop messaging someone, you can still crush it with the amazing things you post that will open the doors for either her to contact you or for you to message her on something you found interesting from her, and try to spark things up. A while ago,  I met this beautiful woman that played very hard to get since she knew she fine. To make a long story short, we fell out of contact but she would view my snaps from time to time without ever commenting. But when spring break came around and I started going to good parties and vacations, she was back in my DM (direct messaging) asking why I didn’t take her and asking when are we connecting again.

So fellas, if you are looking to add something different to your game, I would encourage you to incorporate Snapchat. You will keep a pulse on the females your chatting with, and always display value with the things you got going on in your life that you will share with your followers.

If you are using Snapchat for gamming, share your thoughts below.






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  1. Value is King – great article and look forward to your future posts.

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