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Sex on her period
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If She Is On Her Period, YOU Still Have Choices

If you are playing the game and meeting different girls on different days, you are eventually going to meet a girl that tells you she is on her period the first time you ask her out. This may also happen with a girl you’ve already hung out with or slept with, which can affect guys in different ways.

You have a couple moves to choose from while she is on her period:

  1. You can do what many guys that are just trying to get laid do and say something like “That’s cool, I have some things going on anyway that I should be focusing on. What are you up to next week?”. If your roster is looking healthy and you have strong leads in the pipeline, then this may be a good move for you. Pull the backups up from the bench and give them some playing time.
  1. Or you can do what I tend to do, the more primitive approach, and still try to have sex while she is on her period. You can say something like “That’s all good. I felt like we had a strong connection when we met and wanted to get to know you a little more. I know a casual happy hour that we should check out and grab a couple drinks. How does 6pm sound?”


I generally assume a 50% probability she’s bluffing about the menstrual cycle. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Could this be a strategic and well-timed mind fuck? Just to see if I really want to get to know her or if I’m just trying to have sex? Even though I usually am just trying to fuck, I know that a lot women will say she is on her period as an excuse. It is quite possible that she is creating her own alibi. The menstrual cycle essentially becomes that fake emergency phone call some women have their girlfriends do half way into dinner so that they can fake a crisis and leave a bad date.
  2. Could she be faking the crisis because she was intimidated by my aggressive day game? She likes me but doesn’t trust herself around me if both parties involved know that there aren’t any tampons in the near vicinity?
  3. Or maybe she is on her period. Stranger things have happened.


If we do meet up and hit it off, there are four realistic options when you go back to your place, optimistically speaking (trust me because all four have happened to me with various women):

  1. She let’s you hit it over a towel or in the shower while she is on her period.
  2. You are allowed to fuck her in the ass while she is on her period.
  3. She is on the rag but isn’t comfortable with vaginal or anal sex. However, enthusiastic blow jobs for new friends aren’t frowned upon in her circle.
  4. She was lying about the period to assess your personality and interest. You end up hitting it as you regularly would, on your dresser. This most recently happened to me with my nurse in Thailand earlier this year when I broke my foot (more on that in a future post).

At the end of the day, if a rookie on your roster is on her menstrual cycle, it doesn’t mean that your night is ruined. Think about times you’ve slept with ex girlfriends while they were on their period (most of us have). Once the drinks start flowing, both participants get less and less weirded out by it. The one thing I want you to take away from this article is that many women will mind fuck you by dropping the period on you. The next time she tries to use the period, shock her by saying “It’s all good, let’s go out and have fun!”. Women tend to be hornier when they are on their period anyway.


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  1. Another aspect I have witnessed when a lady drops the code red is an attempt to buy herself another date without hooking up to satisfy her own “I’m not a whore” 3 date rule. She may want to, but also wants to maintain her own standards. Waving the red flag allows her the get out of fucking free card, leaving you blue balled and eager for the next date. Do you have any suggestions for powering through this type of situation?

    • Thanks for the comment Daryl and thanks being a valued reader of our blog. Sounds like you’ve found yourself in a pickle but don’t worry, there is hope for you yet. If she says that she is on her period on the third date, I highly recommend pursuing as you normally would. Still take her back to your apartment and go for the towel, anal, or BJ. If she is bluffing, she is playing hard to get and wants to be pursued. So pursue her like a grizzly bear that just caught the sent of fresh blood a quarter mile away. Invite her on this third date to a happy hour close to your apartment and follow the guidelines of my latest post about how to bring girls home from happy hours.

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