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Congratulations! You made it to first base. You successfully got her telephone number from a dating website or in person with your looks and charm. You then built enough chemistry over the phone to take things to the next level by meeting up in person. What’s next?! Meeting up at the perfect location without spending a ton of money.

Meeting Destinations

Starbucks, parks, anything under $21 dollars should be enough to get you to second base. What I love the most about these settings is they are very familiar. Seriously, Have you ever been to a coffee place or park where you felt uncomfortable? In these settings, you have the opportunity to shine because there won’t be a lot of distractions and you can hone in on what attracted her to you in the first place.

When I’m meeting up with someone at Starbucks, I’ll order myself a latte and offer to buy her the drink of her choice, then I would find enough space for the two of us to chat. While we’re getting to know one another, I’ll maintain good eye contact and bring up good topics to keep her engaged and curious.

Why Should You Should Never Spend More Than $20 The First Date

 Because dating is a numbers game. If you find yourself spending $100’s or more on dates, and you’ll find yourself losing a lot of money with nothing to show for it.  If you keep cost low for your first encounter, your date will focus more on your physical and personal traits compared to what’s in your pocket and that will be the basis of a pretty strong foundation as you move forward.

After you go on a few dates, you can kick things up a notch and spend more money if you choose. But remember, for your first date, you want to keep the focus on your personality and character and not what’s in your pockets so keeping dates cheap will lay down a solid foundation for your move to second and third base.




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