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As I write this blog post, I was talking to a friend of mine that told me about a few women he was talking to online and how he’s trying to bang them. He went into detail about getting a photographer to take good pictures of him to use while spending hours creating good messages to get their attention. While I think online dating is good, it will never be as good as approaching random women in person.

When courting women online, you are competing against hundreds maybe thousands of thirsty men like yourself so there’s a chance she will never get to your message. If she does decide to open your message, you have to be prepared to play the game until you finally get her telephone number to schedule some time to meet. As all of this is playing out, you better pray you’re not a victim of the “neck up” kind of girls where they look great from the collarbone up but in person, she’s Free Willy.

By approaching women in person, you know for a fact you are attracted to her. The unknown quantity is how she’s going to respond to your opening question and how you close. So to get the most out of encounters, I put together a few bullet points that is often overlooked:

  • Groomed: If you are going to approach a random woman, it’s imperative to be well groomed from nice hair cut to decent fitting clothes. Your first 10 seconds are going to make or break your chances so you might as well give yourself a fighting chance by looking sharp.
  • Hygiene: Nothing turns a woman off more than poor hygiene. Make it a habit of smelling good and keeping your teeth brushed. Should I say more?
  • The Ability to Pivot: This point is probably the most important of them all. When approaching a random woman in public, chances are you are going to ask for something random like directions or something direct to buy you more time to talk to her. After this is established, it’s important to be able to pivot to something that can make her laugh and smile before you close the deal by asking for her telling number.
  • Close: Closing the deal can be the hardest part for people because they don’t want to feel like a loser if the women he is talking to doesn’t want to give her his number. If you are going to talk with a random woman in person, you have to make an attempt to move to second base and that’s asking for her telephone number without sounding awkward or creepy.

If you approach one woman a day, eventually you will be the kind of person that will never miss a beat by approaching someone you find attractive on any given day. There’s nothing worst than encountering someone you find very attractive and walking away knowing you had a chance.

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