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Have sex with your flight attendant
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How to get free drinks on flights and sleep with your Flight Attendant.

We have all had the fantasy of sleeping with a flight attendant. Have you pulled it off? I have and I’ll explain how to accomplish this feat. We will get to how you can have sex with your flight attendant, but let’s start with how to get free drinks on any flight. It takes some swagger, confidence, cracking a cheesy specific joke, and waiting to see what happens. I personally see around a 75% success rate. but I think you can pull it off if you have your mind right.

How can you get free drinks on a flight?

I’ve been getting free drinks on flights for many years because I like to fuck around with people and do social experiments. I was joking around with a flight attendant and tried this out many years ago and it actually worked, so now I try it out on every flight and just see what happens. Flight attendants have a certain number of alcoholic drinks they are permitted to give out per flight. They generally use these drinks for settling angry and disgruntled customers. But if you play your cards right, they will use these passes on you instead.

Imagine what the day to day is of flight attendants

  • They go from airport to airport, flight to flight, dealing with customers that are stressed out about flying, traveling, missed flights, and delayed flights.
  • They have to crack the whip on passengers telling them to get back in their seats, which can come off as bitchy.
  • They walk the aisles knowing people are staring at their asses (at least I am).
  • Passengers are complaining about one thing or another.

Now imagine how they feel when they have passengers that are really cool to them. A passenger that asks him/her where they are from, where they are based (live) and where their next overnight stay is. Take interest in your flight attendant when you bump into them the first couple times because when they make the rounds to take drink orders, you can use this to your advantage. I like to visit the bathrooms right when the seatbelt light comes off and chat up the flight attendants in the back of the airplane while I’m waiting in line or after using the abthroom before returning to my seat. You could consider this day game, in a non-sexual way, as I’m laying the foundation.

When they come around getting drink orders, they already know me as the fun guy who took interest in their stories. I have a strong foundation to build from at this point. This is when I take the dialogue to the next level.

Flight Attendant: “Hey again! Can I get your drink order?”

Me: “Yeah actually but I had a question. Is [insert name of airline] still running those Buy One, Get One Free specials on Jack Daniels?”

Flight Attendant: “HA! Well, I don’t know about that. I haven’t heard of that deal.”

Me: “Really?!?! I saw it on Groupon or something. Could of sworn.”

At this point if you think you have good chemistry and you might get some free drinks, then go ahead and order a drink anyway “Ok, well I’ll just have a regular Jack Daniels then.”

If you think they are being salty and it won’t go down, then say something like “Alright well it may have been a dated promotion. I’ll just have some water please.”

If they actually charge you for a drink, you will usually get a few for free as well. If you just order water because you don’t want to risk paying for a drink and not getting free ones, then I’d say 50% of the time they will bring you one or two free mini-shots anyway. The point is you don’t lose anything by bullshitting with flight attendants and standing out from the crowd. Once you have them in your pocket, you need to have the confidence to ask for the free drinks.

You have the highest chance of getting free drinks from male flight attendants or less attractive female flight attendants.

Imagine how difficult it must be for a male flight attendant. They are constantly being sized up by passengers think they are gay. According to a female friend of mine who used to be a flight attendant, most male flight attendants are gay and most straight guys interact more with female flight attendants than they do with male flight attendants. Use this to your advantage strategically and just bull shit with some male flight attendants. You are joking around with them and bullshitting, not flirting. Talk to them just like you would with a customer you are buttering up to ask for the deal at work and drink for free all flight. The same goes for the less attractive female flight attendants. All the attention goes to the hot ones, so show some respect to the girls lower in the spectrum.

How do you have sex with your Flight Attendant?

I used this strategy with a sexy female flight attendant on a flight from San Francisco to San Diego a couple years ago. During my trips to the bathroom before and after she gave me free drinks, I continued to build rapport and learn about her flight schedules and destinations. She mentioned how she flies to San Francisco, where I lived, somewhat frequently and that she can request to have layovers wherever she wants. I could tell she was into me, I had a few drinks in me, we were back there bullshitting with each other, so I went in for my line:

“Sarah, you are really fun to talk to. Let me know if I’m out of line and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sensing a lot of mutual attraction between us right now.”

Slight pause with solid eye contact then confidently say:

“Am I way off on that?”

I like throwing the term ‘mutual attraction’ out there because girls usually haven’t heard it before and it throws them off but they have to respond with a Yes, No, or Maybe. Maybe means Yes, so as long as you don’t get a No then you are golden. If she is receptive to this ‘animal like’ line, then she is probably down to fuck.

She responded “Yes, it is mutual.”

I said “Well, we should act on it then.” And I went in to kiss her. We were in the back corner of the flight attendant cabin by the emergency door and bathroom, so no other passengers could see us make out for about 5 seconds. I told her she should arrange to stop in SF for a layover and asked for her number, which she happily agreed to give me.

When the plane landed and I off-boarded, I immediately sent her a text and said something along the lines of “I don’t want to wait until you visit SF; let’s have drinks tonight in San Diego”. We texted and flirted back and forth until we agreed that I would take an Uber, stop at Trader Joe’s for some bottles of wine, and meet her at her hotel. We banged all night, I spent the night, she gave me a handful of Free Drink passes on her airline, and she told me to take the side exit of the hotel because she didn’t want her co-workers that stayed in the same hotel to see me in the morning and recognize me.


Do you have a strategy for getting free drinks from flight attendants? Have you slept with a flight attendant? Comment below!

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