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You made it to first base by getting her telephone number whether it was in person or a dating website. You shoot her a text message letting her know how much you enjoyed your interaction with her our whatever else you say and you still get no response. A few hours later, you follow up with another text trying to get her attention yet no response. Any text sent to her after this point would be considered desperate aka thirsty.

It is well documented on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #thirsty of woman joking, sharing screenshots of text messages sent to them by men doing everything they can to court them. Men aren’t the only desperate ones out there. But for some reason, they tend to get the bad rap.

To avoid being thirsty, it’s important to have as many phone numbers as possible. Having a go-to list of woman you could call or text at any moment will not only give you a nice boost of confidence, it should also prevent you from spending your time trying to chase someone who non-responsive.

What If She’s Super Hot? It doesn’t matter. I have a general rule I follow when I meet a super hot chick. I’ll text her the day or night of letting her know I enjoyed meeting her. I’ll follow up with an open-ended comment to see if I get a response. If I don’t hear anything from them after two days, I delete their telephone numbers. If she enjoyed the time she spent with me in person, she will eventually get back to me or not. In my future post, I will discuss how I use Snapchat to pull them back in.

What If We Had Sex? If you had sex with her and she doesn’t respond to your calls or text messages, you probably didn’t hit right or she probably have a significant other in her life. It’s important to keep your composure and keep it completely casual. Trying to push the envelope with consistent messages at this point will either put you in the weirdo zone or suddenly hear someone else picking up her phone which would likely be her jealous boyfriend. If that happens, just hang up and don’t engage him. There’s no reason to throw the woman under the bus.

Expecting You To Buy a Drink: The biggest Ponzi scheme in the dating game is to buy a chick a drink after a few minutes of talking with her. This immediately comes across as thirsty. If you must buy a woman a drink, at least wait until you built some good rapport with her. If you made out with her and feel buying her a drink will put you in the best position to get to know her better, go for it. If not, don’t bother.

These are a few examples to avoid falling into the thirst trap. Remember, your value will only rise if the woman you are talking to perceive you as someone with many options.


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  1. I always spent my half an hour to read this website¡¯s content all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  2. I never buy girls drinks. It feels like I’m paying for their company which feels like the experience you get with a prostitute.

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