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How Do you Go From Happy Hour To Sex?

You’ve done the ground work and approached a large number of women using Day Game. You’ve played the numbers game and have learned how to be rejected and keep moving forward until you find that girl that likes your style. You’ve charmed her via texting or a phone call. A beautiful woman has agreed to meet you for a drink. Now What?

Now is the time to continue with your dominance and recommend a good happy hour. The question becomes how to narrow it down to a good place to take her. When I lived in downtown San Francisco, I would always bring women to a place within a two block radius of my apartment that had a cheap happy hour. Use Yelp or another local business app to identify a cheap local happy hour. I can’t emphasize CHEAP enough because this is a numbers game fellas. A player can go broke playing the numbers game at bars with a $$+ category on Yelp. Shoot for a one $ rating for the happy hour.

This strategy works for several reasons:

  1. Women like it when you take control and make recommendations for the first date (or any date)
  2. You know the prices because this is your go-to happy hour
  3. After one or two drinks each, you can persuade her to come back to your place for another drink because you live around the corner
  4. If the date sucks, at least you are only a block or two from your spot

This only works if you have a reason to go back to your place besides having sex.

I used to be a standup comedian, so I would ask her about hobbies during our first drink at the happy hour. She might say something like “well, I like to hang out with friends, cook, and go snowboarding during the winter…. how about you? What are your hobbies?”

Then I would drop the standup comedy bomb. “Oh, I like to do all those things too. I also like to drink booze alone in the dark, naked, with my dog… Just Kidding. But I used to perform standup comedy off and on for about five years”.

Nine times out of ten she would respond “Oh My God, I would love to see you perform sometime!!”

I’d say “I’m actually not performing right now because I’m focusing on my professional career in tech. But I used to do shows in SF and LA and have some clips on Youtube. I live around the corner so let’s close out, have a drink at my spot, watch a clip and have some laughs”

She said No? What if she responded with “Let’s just watch it on my phone”

I’d come back with “It’s on private mode in Youtube so that employers can’t see it, so we have to watch it from my computer”. Getting laid is a numbers game and a sales pitch. If you have a background in sales, you know that most customers don’t buy right away. You have to negotiate and demonstrate why she should “buy now”. In this case, the urgency is created by the fact that she won’t be able to watch the standup clip from her home.

Probably half the time we watch a clip and half the time we would just have a drink then start messing around. It doesn’t matter because we are fucking either way. You see, when a woman has made her mind up to come back to your spot, she has already made her mind up that she is going to sleep with you, even if she says she’s on her period. I like to refer to the apartment as a spider web because when she decides to come back home with you, she’s already committed in her mind to getting herself into a sticky situation for a couple hours.

What if you aren’t a comedian?

If you don’t have your own standup comedy clips on youtube, as most people don’t, you can still get her back to your place. When she asks what your hobbies are, mention that you enjoy WATCHING standup comedy. Everybody likes to laugh and likes to watch standup. I guarantee you she will jump in and say “Oh so do I. Who do you like?”

This is where you need to be well versed on some new specials out on Netflix and some classic youtube clips she may not have seen yet. Start listing some names and when she says that she likes one of them too, you can say “Oh, have you seen his/her new special on youtube? No? Well let’s go watch it. He is hilarious! I live a block away and have a nice bottle of wine there too. Let’s close out and have some laughs. This new special is hilarious, trust me!”

This will work even better if she smokes weed and you have some. I’m not a chemist, but I do know of one proven formula:

Weed/Drinks + Standup Comedy + Your Apartment = A Very Good Night

The key to this strategy is meeting for a drink at a place that is conducive to getting back to your place more easily than going to a different destination. You don’t want this to turn into an expensive bar crawl that is going to kill your wallet. Find a close by happy hour, familiarize yourself with some standup comedy specials or new movies released on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Through your “discovery” process over your first drink, identify what her interests are. Narrow down her interests to the right opportunity to take it back to your place. It will take some practice, but just like with day game, practice makes perfect.

What are your favorite ways to take the date back home from the happy hour? We would love to hear.

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  1. What if she picked the HH place and it’s near her spot. How would you go about getting an invite back to hers?

    • Good question Slam Piece. I want to go back to the point I made in the blog about how women tend to like the man to take control and make suggestions. Confidence is huge. You need to have the confidence from the moment you approach her in the street. The confidence needs to be maintained while you invite her to a happy hour.

      Now if it just doesn’t work for one reason or another, then I would recommend finding a cheap happy hour close to her spot rather than in the middle of your place and hers. Ask what neighborhood she lives in and no matter where she says, respond with “Oh, I heard that’s a pretty cool area. I haven’t spent much time there; what’s a good happy hour?” You can even do some quick research and find a cheap happy hour in her neighborhood and make that suggestion (you don’t want her picking an expensive place on your first date/meetup).
      Find any excuse to take the party back to her place. Is there a live event on TV tonight? You can go back to the comedy on Netflix example as well. The trick is to quickly identify an interest you have in common. Do you share an interest in old school hip hop? Reference some classic music videos and suggest picking up a bottle and heading back to her place. If your budget is tight, bring a backpack with a bottle of booze. If she asks about the backpack, when she greets you, you could say you came from the gym. Close the deal with an entertainment suggestion at her place and say that you have a bottle of …. that you want to crack open at with her.

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