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Attracting women can be incredibly difficult if you don’t follow the basic dating principles in today’s time. When watching movies like ” How To Be A Player,” “Boomerang“, ETC, you will notice enthusiastic men that are very playful and fun to be around. The opposite are the guys that display these sort of characteristics:

1. Complainer

Imagine being at the bar with a friend and you notice a group of beautiful women talking amongst themselves so you try to nudge your buddy to join their conversation but he makes every excuse in the book. That’s the complainer. He probably thinks one or two of them are too fat. Maybe the other girl is too skinny. Anything. They’ll do everything they can to avoid approaching women so they’ll complain about any girl/s you want to talk to which equals no girls for these kinds of men.

2. Spends Too Much Time Playing Video Games

Video games can be a good way to escape from reality but awful when trying to connect with women. If you meet a high-quality woman, she’s going to have questions about what you do for work, interest, and how you like to spend your free time. Telling her you play video games will most likely take you out of the fuck zone, to the friend zone real fast.

3. Dry Personality

We all know this type. You ask them an open ended question, and you get a simple direct answer. You follow up with another open-ended question, and you get the same sort of response. Those are the people with dry personalities. Nothing dries panties faster than a dude with little to no personality.

4. Know It All

These are the individuals that have a solution to everything including. In a casual conversation, they talk mostly about themselves instead of learning more about the person who they are talking to which can be very irritating which in most cases lead to 0 women.

5. Jealously

The rapper Jay Z once said “Males shouldn’t be jealous; that’s a female trait · What, you mad ’cause you push dimes and he sell weight?  Jealousy never shows the best of a person and if you are getting to know a woman and only mention the bad in people will almost entirely leave you with a dry hand.


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